Karen Nurse

From a depressed and food addicted struggling single Mom, to a published author, speaker, transformational coach, and health and wellness expert; Karen motivates and inspires others to break free from self-sabotage and negative self-talk and discover their own passion and purpose so they can walk in their God-given power and self-efficacy (one’s belief in one’s ability to succeed).


Karen is the Founder and CEO of KnX Journey to Oneness – A Positive holistic Program using Spirit-Led Coaching to align the mind, body, and soul by connecting the sum of all its parts through transformational coaching, physical fitness, and spiritual healing.



Mission & Vision


To Live and Walk others into Oneness By Connecting the Mind Body and Spirit!

Believe You Can…And You Will! I want to encourage those who are struggling that You Can Break Free From Bondage and Emotional Eating and Live Again! I started my journey in March of 2018 and am still being transformed from the inside out every day!

The Lord Impressed upon me to Create KnX Journey to Oneness, a program that helps people change their mind, body, and soul through Spirit-Led Coaching so they can break free from self-sabotaging like emotional eating and negative thoughts!

If you’re like me, you know what it feels like to put yourself on a strict diet, lose weight only to gain it all back plus more! Why? Because there’s something deeper within that we’re battling with, something that’s keeping us bound, that we have yet to overcome! So we use numbing like emotional eating as an outlet!

Through the Leading of the Spirit within, you’ll learn to free yourself from that bondage, love and enjoy the process and yourself as you do! !
I show my transformation for those who are struggling to see that Change is Achievable! But it’s a Journey 🚶🏽‍♀️that helps to Renew the Mind and sets your Emotions and Your Body Free from the inside out!

You’ll no longer battle self-blame, limiting beliefs, hopelessness and a negative body image, instead…You’ll find the Joy to explore who you are, love yourself in the process and see the beauty that is you, as a result, you will reach your God-given size and live in freedom!

“Can this really happen for me?” you ask? ABSOLUTELY!! Renewing the mind is Key! If you’re Ready To Live Again, to come out of hiding and isolation, and to fall in love with God’s creation that is You, do something you’ve never done before Let the Spirit Within You Lead You Into Your Transformation! Schedule Your Complimentary Session Today!



Love Helps people to discover who they truly are. Love helps you to see your destiny and your future. Love shows you, your purpose to advance humanity as a whole for the good of mankind. My passion is to help you to remove any roadblocks that may be preventing you from seeing the Love you deserve from yourself  and to help you break out of anything that may be holding you back from your purpose and propel you into what you are born to do.


Hiding Behind Christ, Appetite to Destruction


Health & Wellness Trainer

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The KnX Journey walks people out of negative self-talk, debilitating beliefs, and emotional eating, into freedom and breakthrough by focusing on, declaring and believing the truth of who they were designed to be, seeing their body as a temple clean eating, meditation, and daily exercise. The program creates a oneness that promotes a healthy, holistic lifestyle.

…people are losing weight, eating healthy and walking in a new, found freedom…

As a result, hundreds of people are losing weight, eating healthy and walking in a new, found freedom empowered to believe in themselves and walk out their destiny.

The program can be taken in a 6-week group workshop or personal 1 on 1 coaching sessions with Karen.





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